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Manufacturing & Distribution USA
(6th edition)

Editor: Joyce P. Simkin
Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning
ISSN: 1529-7659
Published in Fall 2011
Three Volumes, 2366 pages

Manufacturing & Distribution USA

A redesigned and updated title that combines two popular works (Manufacturing USA and Wholesale and Retail Trade USA) from the predecessor USA series. The new 3-volume title covers more than 500 industries providing comparative and very detailed statistics on each. For every industry 10 tables and 4 graphs are provided. The figures on each industry cover between 9 and 20 years and include forecasts based on the historical trends. All tables are fully explained and source notes provide pointers to the original sources. Some of the data elements presented include: number of establishments; employment within the industry; cost of material inputs; value of shipments; leading companies with contact and annual revenue figures for each; and inputs and outputs for the industry to list but a few. The 5th edition of this title was published in September 2008.

Manufacturing & Distribution USA was the title which inspired the forming of ECDI. Our founder, Arsen J. Darnay, was a business consultant in the 1980s. He found that no single source of comprehensive data on all manufacturing industries was available and had to collect and compile basic statistics about every industry he addressed, from scratch. This lead to the idea of compiling such data in one place for all manufacturing industries. Thus was born the first in the USA series, a series that eventually included the titles Wholesale and Retail USA; Service Industries USA; Finance, Insurance & Real Estate USA; Agriculture, Mining, and Construction USA, and Transportation and Public Utilities USA.