MSR Cover

Market Share Reporter 2012
(Most recent edition)

Editor: Robert S. Lazich
Publisher: Gale Cengage
Publisher: Learning
ISSN: 1052-9578
Published in Fall 2012
Two Volumes, 1011 pages

Market Share Reporter

We are now working on the 21st edition of this unique product which brings together in one place market share data on hundreds of industries, businesses, and products.

Since 1992 we've produced this book annually. Every edition has presented between 2,000 and 3,600 market share tables or entries. Each entry features a descriptive title, an explanatory headnote that describes the market, the share data, and a list of producers or products along with their market share, and more.

Conveniently organized by four-digit SIC Code (with a NAICS designation per entry as well as a NAICS index and an SIC-NAICS Crosswalk index) the book includes 5 indices and a table of topics all designed to make searching for particular information as easy as possible. The 14th edition of this title was the first to combine the two earlier titles, Market Share Reporter and World Market Share Reporter into one, two volume title covering markets across the world. (Publisher: Gale)

The publisher makes this work available as either a print product or an electronic presentation, part of its huge, rich data collection, available through libraries.