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Encyclopedia of Products & Industries — Manufacturing
(1st edition)

Editors: Patricia J. Bungert
Editors: Arsen J. Darnay
Publisher: Gale Cengage
Publisher: Learning
ISBN: 4144-2986-1
Published in 2008
Two Volumes, 1165 pages

Encyclopedia of Products & Industries — Manufacturing

This work is a compilation of in-depth essays on 120 products. Experienced business analysts studied the industries and markets for each product and wrote essays addressing questions like:

How is the product made?
Who discovered, invended or developed the product?
Who are the leading makers of the product?
How is the product marketed and sold?
What competes with this product and on what basis?
Do regulatory requirements have an important impact on this product's manufacture or sale?
What is the target market for this product?
What are the current trends in product design?
What are the supply chain logistics for this product?
What sort of future is forecast for this product?

among many others. Consumer products are the focus of this book, from automobiles and motor cycles to cheese, toothpaste, and video games. Tables, charts, and graphs are used to present statistical data and highlight trends and patterns in the production, sale, and/or profitablity of each product. This two-volume, first edition encyclopedia was published in January 2008.