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Economic Indicators Handbook
(6th edition)

Editor: Arsen J. Darnay
Publisher: Gale Group
ISSN: 7876-3557-X
Published in 2002
One Volume, 1154 pages

Economic Indicators Handbook

Do you need to know how much $10 would have bought you in 1963?
Economic Indicators Handbook has the answer.

Would you like to know how applications for building permits have changed annually since 1990?
Economic Indicators Handbook has the answer.

Do you wish you could figure out the difference between the inflation rate for energy and the rate for food?
Economic Indciators Handbook has the figures you need and so many more...

This title is a compilation of 175 economic indicators and indices. The indices presented in this book cover the full range of economic activity within the US economy. Covered are gross national product, gross domestic product, the consumer price index, rates of inflation, prime and secondary lending rates and many more. The historical coverage extends back at least 20 years for each of 175 measures. With the data presented in this title one can gain a clear picture of the economy as a whole and one can use the indices to normalize data over time for comparative analysis. According to the American Reference Book Annual "this work is a valuable resource for economics students at all stages of their experience."