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American Salaries and Wages Survey (11th edition)

Editor: Joyce P. Simkin
Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning
ISSN: 1055-7628
Published in Summer 2011
One Volume, 1775 pages

American Salaries and Wages Survey

This title is a compilation of occupations and their corresponding salaries obtained from hundreds of federal and state government sources and various trade associations and journals. More than 88,000 salaries are provide, coming from more than 350 sources. The salaries and wages are listed by occupation, geographical area, and in many cases by range; entry level, medium income range, and the salaries for a person with experience in the field. We have produced all editions of this work. The 11th edition was published in July 2011 and we are now working on the 12th edition, scheduled for publication in summer 2013.

What people earn is of interest to many. Those looking for work are interested in average salaries and wages in their fields as a way of gauging job opportunities. Councelors to the young and those being trained in new fields of knowledge use salary and wage data of this sort in guiding their clients and in assessing the labor market. Journalists too may find such data of interest as they address some of the labor concerns of our day. Do college degrees really pay? Do they pay enough to allow the degree earner a salary so much higher that he or she can pay off the debt of earning that degree? Can we maintain a strong middle class if we are all in the service sector?