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We are a small company that's been making reference works since 1990. We do this work under contract for publishers, our largest client is Gale Cengage Learning. We call ourselves ECDI for short.

In the simplest terms, we make reference works; books, e-books, databases, and other data presentations built specifically for display online. Our specialty is the presentation of statistics and we work with all types. Users of our products tend to be analysts, journalists, students and business consultants. We always strive to make the best, clearest and most accurate references possible. So, it was with great pride and pleasure that we read the following in a review of one of our recent series:

"Statistics are easily found in any number of sources, but the uniqueness of this series is its ability to bring alive current U.S. trends and concerns. We are all inundated with numbers, what is important is making sense of and being able to productively use the plethora of information surrounding us."

-- American Reference Book Annual (2004) in a review of our four volume series Social Trends & Indicators USA.

Helping to sort out the flood of information around us and bring perspective and context to every issue we tackle is what we try to do. Statistics out of context and without historical background are often less than informative. A balanced presentation of facts within context can serve to illuminate hidden facets of an issue and reveal trends. While this may not always be flashy, it is useful and it is what we like to do.

As a publishing subcontractor we work closely with publishers and are always looking for opportunities to assist in the dissemination of clearly presented statistical data.

A move into publishing

Our early work in compiling references was done because we had to make the tools we wanted to use. They were not available elsewhere. This is how many good things start. We're now confronted with a similar void, and again, we've decided to fill it. We are getting into the publishing business with a trilogy titled A Symphony in Ghulf Major. Check the "Publishing" tab above for more information about these novels and our new publishing activites generally.

Note on why our address is

Some years ago we produced a database called Market Size, a collection of hundreds of thousands of market size data points. We ended up with the marketsize URL while we were promoting the database and, well, we like it.